Fundraising Programs

Baby Bottle Drive

A baby bottle drive is a very simple and easy way for groups to raise money and support new moms and their babies. On the designated hand out day, baby bottles are given to all people who wish to participate in the fundraiser. These bottles will be taken home and filled with cash, coins, or a check. Then, participants can return their now full bottle on the chosen collection day.

This sort of fundraiser is best done by a group that meets regularly so that bottles can be handed out and collected at a meeting. Aid to Women Center provides all the necessary materials and supplies including baby bottles, signs, fliers, tabling supplies with an AWC staff member, and anything else needed. 

We would be happy to send someone to speak with the group to explain exactly how donations are used and answer any questions that the group members may have.

Large Baby Bottle Drive

This sort of baby bottle drive is easily done at a school, either an elementary school or high school. Classes can compete against each other to see who can raise the most money. One large baby bottle, approximately 1.5 feet tall, will be left in each classroom. Students in each class will have 2-3 weeks to bring in cash, changes, or a check from home to raise as much money as possible. The winning class will earn an ice cream or pizza party.

If being done at an elementary school, classes have the option to compete together at a grade level or schoolwide level. The winning grade will then receive a pizza party. If done at a high school, it is easiest to have homeroom classes as the competing class. This way, each grade can still complete against each other to see who can raise the most. There will be one overall winning class, as well as winning classes at each grade level.

Baby Showers

Many of our clients do not have any family or friends supporting them, and rely on us for help and emotional support. One way we support our new moms is by throwing baby showers for our clients who do not have anyone with whom to celebrate their new baby. We have light refreshments, play baby shower games, and celebrate with cake. The new mom then opens gifts for her baby, including one large item donated by the sponsoring group. To help the group buy appropriate gifts, Aid to Women Center will provide a list of requested items from the mother.

If you or your ministry or group would like to sponsor a baby shower, please contact Anne for more details.

Baby Shower Sponsorship Guidelines:

  • Provide food and drink for 5-7 people
  • Provide baby items as requested by mother. Anywhere from 5-7 smaller baby gifts including outfits, wipes, diapers, etc.
  • One large item as indicated by Aid to Women Center. Car seat, stroller, crib, etc.
  • For games, either your group or Aid to Women Center can run these games. If you would like prizes to be handed out for the games, we ask that you provide small prizes for the game winners

Diaper Drives

Every mother that attends our Parenting Prep classes has the option to get diapers and clothes for her baby, in whatever size they may need. Donors can help mothers directly by conducting a diaper drive at their school, work, or church.

Church or work: Simply set up a collection bin large enough to handle a large number of packs of diapers in the location of your choice, or set a collection date at your organization. Then, once collection is complete, drop off all of the packs of diapers to Aid to Women Center. Please contact Anne for specific diaper size needs, and any additional questions you may need.

School: If being done at an elementary school, each class can compete against each other to gather the most diapers. All classes have 2 weeks to bring in as many packages of diapers as possible. At the end of the 2 week period, the class that has collected the most can choose a pizza or ice cream party as a reward. Aid to Women Center will host the party as a thank you for helping collect supplies for new moms.

If the diaper drive is being done at a high school or middle school, choose a class period, preferably the homeroom period, as the competitive hour. All the different classes held during this particular class period will compete against each other to collect the most packages of diapers. The winning class will earn a pizza or ice cream party, provided by Aid to Women Center as a thank you for helping new moms.

Gift Giving Tree

This sort of fundraiser typically takes place around a holiday like Christmas or Mother’s Day. Aid to Women Center will provide gift tags with an item printed on it, typically diapers, a particular item of baby clothing, or smaller items like baby blankets or baby soap. Some of the tags can have larger items including car seats, pack n plays, or cribs, or some can even have a dollar amount to help cover patient costs. These tags are then placed on a decorative fake tree.

For example, if this is done during Christmas, it can be on a Christmas tree. If done during spring, it can be on a decorative bush or leafy tree. Participants can take the tag (or tags) of their choice, purchase the item on the list, and then return it to the drop off point on the designated day. The gift can either be wrapped or unwrapped. All gifts will then be given to new moms and their babies.